5 Home Based Businesses that Women Can Start

In the digital era, there are bounties of home based businesses that women can start easily

Household work and family's nourishment consume most of the time of a woman. Owing to this, they are not left with much time to make use of. Their ambition and priorities also take a backstep while raising the family. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and household women can now lead their entrepreneurial passion. In the digital era, there are bounties of home based businesses that women can start easily. 

In modern times, a tinge of technology can upgrade things as opposed to how they were supposedly working a decade ago. Shopping, communication and education are examples of that evolution that is led by the technology. Entrepreneurship has consequently transited and can be performed from anywhere irrespective of place, time and capital. So, here are six home based businesses for women that require low-investment and promise a great success ahead. 

DayCare Center 

With the passing time, people have begun acknowledging the fact that pandemic is looming over the country. Despite uneventful times, professionals and entrepreneurs are heading toward their office and ensuring to stay productive in adversity. While married professionals are out for work, they need someone to take care for young children. It is when daycare centers come into the picture. 

Women can start day care centers and look after children while their parents are away. To establish a daycare center, one needs INR 1-2 lakh investment in creating structure and offering facilities as per the industry standards. Following this, one needs to add fun activities in the center so that children do not get bored. This is a home based business that can be easily managed while doing household chores. 

Tailoring Business 

Sewing or knitting is something that most of the women in traditional families know. Altering a cloth or stitching patches are a few things that women do on their own. However, this practice can be formed into a home based business for women if taken earnestly. Women can hone their stitching skills and design their own outfits. Exhibiting beautiful outfits that are stitched by them are one of the ways to attract customers.

To start this business, one has to invest around INR 1 lakh excluding office space and rental cost. To become an efficient tailor, women have to attain mastery in tailoring techniques that emerge from time-to-time.  

Handmade Craft Business  

Handmade craft is aesthetic and easily catches everyone's attention. If a woman knows how to create handmade crafts, then she can kick-start this business. To begin this, one can start creating stationery items and small gifts for children. Contacting event planners and exhibiting craft work in parties in another way to catch potential customers. 

One can start an online store to sell craft items. Besides this, one can give online classes about handmade craft. During the pandemic, people are investing time in learning artistic skills and therefore, learning handmade craft items can be good. To start the handmade craft business, one needs a minimum capital of around INR 10,000. Within this amount, one has to garner supplies, stationery items and organise things to initiate the home-made business. 

Candle-making Business 

Candles are an integral part of various occasions such as birthday parties, dinners, and home parties etc. Apart from brightening up a place, they can be used for decorating purposes as well. Women, who hold creativity and want to learn the art of candle making, can imbibe how to make beautiful candles. Thereon, they can start molding aesthetic candles and sell them in the market.

This home based business would require an investment of around INR 15,000-12,000. While establishing the business, one has to contact a vendor who can supply raw materials on demand. Further, structuring and planning are required to change this passion into a successful home based business for women.

Online Teaching Classes 

If a woman is good at teaching maths, science or any other  lessons such as music and calligraphy, then she can share her knowledge with others. In the pandemic, one of the most effective ways to educate masses is through online classes. 

Before introducing virtual classes, one has to decide one's forte and accordingly, pick up a subject. To start this, one does not have to invest a single penny but require a bit knowledge of technology. 

By choosing these home-based business, women can earn money while doing household chores. These business ideas are lucrative, require less investment and revamp overall image of a woman.

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